From JR Ochanomizu station

 ■Below is the direction to j Career from JR Ochanomizu Station

①Go to Hijiribashi Exit. Once exited, turn left and see Hijiri Bridge.


②Cross Hijiri Bridge. You should see the campus of Tokyo Medical and Dental University on your left hand side and Akihabara/Kanda on your right hand side as you cross the bridge.聖橋
③After you have crossed the bridge, you should see Tokyo Medical and Dental University on the left and Yushimaseido on the right. Keep walking until the very end of the road.東京医科歯科大横
④Once you go up, turn left, and head towards the intersection in front of Yushimaseido.湯島聖堂前
⑤When you see the road sign that says Yushimaseido, cross the street to get to 7-11 convenience store.エントランス