About Us

Our origins and mission

j Career was established in April 2014 grounded in gratitude and deep respect for foreign nationals who decide to set up lives here in Japan as students and workers. We are motivated to help those that need assistance centered on employment support. Nowadays, we provide services to companies and job seekers as a recruitment agency for global human resources regardless of nationality, including bilingual Japanese as well as global human resources. We will continue to contribute not only to Japanese society but also to the international community.

Diversity initiatives

At j Career, we believe in the benefits that diversity brings to society and companies. In order to realize Japan as a society that promotes this policy, we have taken the following initiatives:

  • 40% of our staff are female
  • 50% of our managers are female
  • Hire regardless of nationality (We have staff from the USA and China)

Our features and strength

In order to offer effective employment support for global human resources, more than half of our consultants can support in languages such as English, Chinese, Italian, German, etc. While aiming for a system that can meet all human resources needs regardless of industry, we also have teams that focus on specialized fields.

Support for job seekers

In order to help candidates secure the best job offers possible, j Career provides support such as resume correction and interview preparation. Additionally, for foreign nationals we provide Japanese language instruction tailored to the candidate’s Japanese level in order to acquire the language skills necessary for job hunting, and subsequent work and life. These services are provided free of charge!

About our Support for job seekers