Our Consultants

We take great pride in offering support to candidates, regardless of nationality, in order to help them realise their ideal careers. In order to fully understand an industry’s needs, we have teams which consult in specialized fields.
We operate our own job hunting database called gooojob. Candidates can search for the latest job information and receive updates by email. Registration is free!

Noriaki Okabe

Mr. Okabe started working in sales at a major temp staffing company. He has over 30 years of experience in the human resources business. He supports candidates in a wide range of industries and occupations, including consulting, manufacturing, education, travel, IT, and medical. From major companies to start-ups, he works with candidates to consider their options and career potential.

Ikai Ko

Hailing from China, after attending a Japanese language school in Japan, he entered Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. He joined j Career after graduating from a famous university in Brazil. He is well versed in human resource consulting, and supports international students through employment and interview advice. He can also advise candidates on higher education, life in Japan, and visas. He mainly works with foreign residents, and his areas of expertise are IT, biotechnology, finance and machinery. He can communicate in Japanese, Chinese and English.
In addition, he has a pipe of high-end talent in ASEAN, China, and can handle a wide range of positions.

Masami Hayashi

Ms. Hayashi’s support style is to take the time to speak with candidates to help relieve them of anxiety relating to the job hunting process, and realise their long-term career while providing information regarding available options. Please feel free to consult with her, no matter how small the problem! She eagerly awaits your message.

Akiko Nomura

Ms. Nomura’s philosophy is based upon the understanding that each person has a different reason for wanting to change jobs and what they are aiming for next. It is her goal to support you so that you can make the most of your hopes and experiences. She specializes in IT, medical, and various other industries. Even if you are new to changing jobs or if you are a new graduate and do not know what to start with, she will support you from the beginning and help you as much as possible.

Yoshiko Masuda

Ms. Masuda joined j Career after obtaining her Japanese language teaching qualification. In addition to recruitment, she supports foreign candidates directly with Japanese brush-up classes to help them acclimatize to their new companies. She also works directly with students from Japanese language schools. If you have any worries regarding Japanese, please do consult with her!

Makoto Endo

Mr. Endo started out in sales at a trading company. He was inspired to join j Career due to the many experiences he had in university with international students.
He works mainly with bilingual candidates regardless of industry. He aims to provide thorough support by correcting resumes and practicing interviews.

Makoto Shibata

After being assigned to the recruiting division at his previous company, Mr. Shibata continued his career in human resources.
He specializes in the mechanical and electrical fields, as well as IT human resources. Since he has experience in sales of major restaurant introduction sites in the past, he also handles food and drink related and sales positions. He hopes to be able to speak with you soon!

Wakako Hoshina

Ms. Hoshina lived in Singapore and worked as an international flight attendant. She joined j Career after working as an English teacher. She is knowledgeable in the aviation industry, education and foreign capital. She can also communicate in English. She values speaking with candidates on a one to one basis to tailor her service to them.

Shizu Kishimoto

After joining a major US investment bank as a new graduate and working there for 7 years, Ms. Kishimoto joined a European trust bank. Since then, for 23 years, she has focused on asset management at several major foreign-affiliated asset management companies, and served as the president and representative director of US and European asset management companies in Japan. In 2016, she was appointed as a director of the Investment Trusts Association.