Working with candidates

j Career works to serve as the bridge between you, the job seeker or career changer, and companies that are looking to recruit people. Our advisors will listen to your desired conditions and your past experiences, and then introduce you to suitable companies. In case you are not familiar with the Japanese language or Japanese business manners, we can provide you with Japanese lessons and training in business manners.

gooojob (Our own job hunting database )

We operate our own job hunting database called gooojob. Candidates can search for the latest job information and receive updates by email. Registration is free and includes consultation with our j Career advisors.

Japanese Lessons

To companies that are looking to recruit international students, their understanding of Japanese language is of primary concern. For example, even though one has outstanding skills and character, if they their understanding of Japanese is poor, they will not be able to perform their jobs. Therefore, Japanese language skill is most sought after.

In Japanese language, there are polite language, honorfic language, and humble language, which are used separately depending on the situation and one’s position. There are also various location names and persons’ names with unimaginable ways of pronouncing them.

At j Career, we provide Japanese lessons according to one’s Japanese language level, with a focus on business level Japanese required for job searching by simulating conversations that take place in various situations.

Training in Business Manners

We provide trainings for ways to conduct oneself in various business settings such as how to greet, how to answer the phone, how to exchange business cards, and how to interact with customers, etc.

Also, we plan on starting lessons on manners in dining and dressing, so that job seekers have no troubles with proper manners in everyday life.

Mock Interviews

Interview is the most important stage in a recruitiment process. Although Japanese language skills are important, you have to make your first impression, character, objectives for joining the company appealing in questions and answers in a short period of time. You may also be interviewed as a group, have discussions, and make presentations, so you have to prepare comprehensively through mock interviews.

Listen to me!

We provide comprehensive counseling for your studying abroad life as well as your future career. We can advise you on various matters, including getting a scholarship, or short term and long term part-time job in order to make up for your living expenses, social insurance, tax, settling down, foreigner registration, and getting a driver’s lincense.