Privacy Policy

j Career Co.,Ltd. operates human resources and related services for the peace and well-being of Japan and people from around the world. The protection of private information is the highest priority and is administered with JIS Q 15001 guidelines (Requirements for Personal Information Protection Control System).

■Principles Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

【Adhering to JIS Q 15001 Standards】
Protection of personal information will adhere to JIS Q 15001 standards and will be executed in highest standard of conduct based on personal information protection control system formulated provided it is appropriate to the actual state of our company.

【Appropriate Acquisition】
Collection, use, and distribution of personal Information must abide by personal information protection control system and its related rules.

【Use for other Purposes is Forbidden】
Personal information may only be used within the scope of specified purposes and must not be used for other purposes.

【Ensuring Security】
The company must take organizational, technical, personal, and physical measures given they are appropriate in nature to counter unlawful access, loss, destruction, falsification, and disclosure of personal information. Security management measures shall be improved if known to be in adequate due to changes in social situations.

【Handling of Complaints and Consultations 】
We will continue to improve our privacy policy after reviewing complaints and consultations.

【Abiding by Law】
We shall abide by laws and regulations related to protection of personal information, guidelines provided by the government, industry customes, and generally accepted code of ethics.

【Maintenance and Improvement of Management System】
Personal information protection control system, its related regulations, and personal information protection system will shall regularly and continuously reviewed and improved.

■ Inquiries Regarding Personal Information Protection
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