A message from our President

We will never forget our gratitude.

These words are engraved into the hearts of all of j Career’s members.
When choosing where to emigrate, there are many countries in the world that people can choose from. We were founded based upon deep gratitude and respect to foreign nationals that choose to study, live and work in Japan over all those other options.
From my long experience working at a multinational company where performance is valued above all use, I came to understand first hand that nationality has no influence over competency. I treasure my experiences of a workplace where people can embrace diversity and maximize their abilities, regardless of race, nationality, gender or age. The decline in Japan’s working population will continue to accelerate. Even if it can be compensated to some extent by systematization, introduction of AI, expansion of opportunities for women and seniors to play an active role, there is naturally a limit in the human resources that Japan can provide. Furthermore, with the development of the market economy, we believe that the paths of Japanese companies will become more intertwined with companies overseas. It is our firm belief that the need for global human resources, i.e. Japanese with high skills and language skills and highly-skilled foreign nationals, will increase in the future.

We encourage highly skilled bilingual Japanese people to make the best use of their abilities and to experience the benefits of global work environments.
Through one-to-one consultations and hearing the concerns of foreign candidates, we aim to accurately understand what hurdles they face to being able to work at a Japanese company. We provide various education and training services covering topics such as job hunting in Japan, business Japanese, manners at Japanese companies as well as the latest employment information. We also help candidates revise their resumes and practice interviews to help them feel confident in the application process. Our motto is to provide all of these service on a volunteer basis (free of charge).
We aim to not only introduce appropriate candidates to companies, but also give advice on how they can incorporate diversity into their corporate culture based upon our accumulated knowledge. We also pride ourselves in our after-sales service that makes us unique in the human resources market. For example, we have introduced a free Japanese language course for candidates starting in a new position to help them settle into their new work environment.
For job seekers, we would like to provide them with the opportunity to maximize their abilities, and for companies, we will provide global human resources that will contribute to the development of business and diversity. With these goals in mind, we at j Career continue to make efforts to expand our support capabilities.


Chisato Takahashi, President