From Marunouchi Line

Below is the direction to j Career from Tokyo Metro Ochanomizu Station.

①Exit from Exit number 1 (the exit that leads to Tokyo Medical and Dental University.)御茶ノ水駅1番出口
②Once exited, turn left and you should see the post office. Keep heading straight and you should be walking towards a tunnel.左側歩道
③Once you get to the tunnel. Turn left and climb those stairs to go up. 階段
④Once you go up, turn left, and head towards the intersection in front of Yushimaseido.階段上東京医科歯科大横
⑤When you see the road sign that says Yushimaseido, cross the street to get to 7-11 convenience store.湯島聖堂前セブンイレブン
⑥There you should see a coin-operated parking lot. The building right next to it is where j Career is located at.