Regarding Visa Status (New Grads)

Change from Student to Working Visa

International students have to change their student visa to a working visa such as specialist in humanities/international services and engineer visa in order to begin working. Status of residence is not determined by what kind of job you will undertake, but by your education history and employment history. If you change jobs it does not guarantee that you will obtain a different status of residence. The status of residence you apply for must be related to your past experience.

Procedure of Changing Your Status of Residence


1. Confirm what you need to do for changing status of residence

2. Gather required documents

3. Confirm starting date of applications

4. Confirm the documents you gathered before application


Assuming you enter the company in April, you should at very least start the application process in mid January.

● University student- start accepting from December 1st. Since you will graduate in mid March, you apply with your certificate of expected graduation and complete your application with a diploma and transcript.
● Graduate school student- start accepting from January 4th.
● For foreigners who have completed their studies at a vocational school, if they first obtain a “Diploma” (formerly called technical associate), they are eligible for application for specialist in humanities/international services and engineer visa.

* Leaving the proof of graduation aside (which will be obtained upon graduation), if your application is approved, you will receive a postcard.


Required documents for application

● Things the student should prepare on their own
①Application form for change of status of residence
②Passport and resident card (alien registration card)
④Reasons for application (optional)
● Things the company should prepare
⑤Copy of employment contract
⑥Certified copy of commercial registration and copy of statement of accounts
⑦Company brochure
⑧Reasons for employing (optional)
● Things to get from the university
⑨Graduation certificate or certificate of expected graduation


Guidelines on change of residence status and period of stay

Permission for change of status of residence and extension of period of stay shall be granted only when there are reasonable grounds to allow the Minister of Justice to deem it appropriate to do so. The decision as to whether or not there are reasonable grounds is mainly left to the discretion of the Minister of Justice, and such decision is made totally in view of various factors, such as activities in which an applicant intends to engage, the applicant’s residential status and necessity to reside, taking into account the requirements listed below. However, among those requirements, conformity with status of residence specified in item 1is a requirement to be satisfied when permission is granted. In principle, applicants are required to comply with the landing permission criteria stated in item 2. The requirements stated in item 3 and subsequent items are representative elements to consider in determining whether or not there are reasonable grounds to deem that perm ission is appropriate. Even if an applicant satisfies all the requirements, the applicant may not be granted permission for change or extension as a result of considering all circumstances taken overall. For the purpose of encouraging them to join the social insurance system, applicants have been required to show their insurance cards at the reception counter when they submit an application since April 1, 2010.

1. Activities in which an applicant intends to engage must correspond to any status of residence listed in the Appended Tables of the Immigration Control Act.
2. Applicants must conform in principle to the landing permission criteria provided for by Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice.
3. Applicants must have good behavior.
4. Applicants must have sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living.
5. Proper employment and working conditions must be met.
6. Tax obligations must be fulfilled.
7. Obligations provided by the Immigration Control Act, including notification obligations, must be fulfilled.
8. Applicants must join social insurance.
* Pleae check the details at the home page of Immigration Bureau and the home page of Ministry of Justice.

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