Our Services

Our business centers on the recruitment of global human resources. However, we strive to be a consulting service for those looking to expand into the Asian market, and support such activities thorough surveys, and interpretation and translation services.

Finding the right candidates

As Japan’s population declines and it becomes difficult to hire human resources, the know-how of scouting and hiring resources from overseas has become a hot topic. We introduce global human resources to Japanese companies regardless of nationality. This includes foreigners who have business-level Japanese proficiency, as well as Japanese nationals. The demand for foreign human resources will increase in the future and we aim to keep up with that demand. Among the networks we have built up since our establishment, we have connections with international student associations at famous Japanese universities. This enables us to connect you with top international graduates, and helps these students start their adult working life in Japan.

Consulting services

Our surveys give us a deeper understanding of what kind of applicants would best suit the needs of our corporate clients. Thus, we have an edge in introducing the best possible human resources regardless of nationality, age, gender and other attributes.

Interpretation & Translation Services

【Translation Services】 j Career operates a cloud-based translation service called j-Career_Pro, which supports 38 languages with the help of 23,000 translators. It can cater to a wide variety of demands such as everyday emails, business articles, specialized and technical materials. We are able to quote you a price estimate immediately depending on volume, content, time it needs to be completed.

【Interpretation Services】 We provide translation services ranging from simple tasks such as tourist attendants, reception desks, and weddings, to more advanced tasks such as contractual agreements, business meetings, international conferences, and overseas site inspection. Traslation can be done in Japanese as well as other languages. We are able to take advantage of our overseas network and provide services outside Japan. We are can cater to your needs by dispatching interpreters who are familiar with Japanese business manners and customs to undertake different types of interpretation such as consecutive interpreting, simultanrous interpreting, and whispered interpreting.

Helping you expand into Asia

For companies who want to set up a base in the Asian region, we can provide consultation and support for expansion through our partner companies. We are also building our know-how and personal connections for local recruitment.