Consultants(The financial and asset management industry)

In order to fully understand an industry’s needs, we have teams which are able to consult in specialized fields.

The financial and asset management industry:

Our CEO worked for many years in a foreign investment bank, additionally there are two other consultants who have abundant experience in foreign asset management companies and have a track record in management roles. Using their collective experience and knowledge, their insight leads to successful matching between companies in the financial industry and job seekers.

Company president – Chisato Takahashi

After working for a British investment bank, Mr. Takahashi moved onto the Tokyo branch of a Swiss international financial conglomerate where he handled several roles during his time there including: Industrial Research Department director, senior portfolio manager, government fund management department, and a managing director of sales. After that, he worked as a consultant for major domestic and foreign financial institutions at four major US consulting firms. Grounded in his global experience, since the establishment of j Career in 2014 Mr. Takahashi has strived to promote the usage of global human resources not only in the financial sector but also in Japanese society as a whole.

Sales manager – Shizu Kishimoto

After joining a major US investment bank as a new graduate and working there for 7 years, Ms. Kishimoto joined a European trust bank. Since then, for 23 years, she has focused on asset management at several major foreign-affiliated asset management companies, and served as the president and representative director of US and European asset management companies in Japan. In 2016, she was appointed as a director of the Investment Trusts Association.