We will never forget our gratitude

Our business centers on the recruitment of global human resources.

j Career was established in April 2014 grounded in gratitude and deep respect for foreign nationals who decide to set up lives here in Japan as students and workers. We are motivated to help those that need assistance centered on employment support. Nowadays, we provide services to companies and job seekers as a recruitment agency for global human resources regardless of nationality, including bilingual Japanese as well as global human resources. We will continue to contribute not only to Japanese society but also to the international community.

 Topic We recently participated as speakers at the FinCity Tokyo Global Networking event

On October 28th 2020, FinCity.Tokyo hosted a global networking event for those interested in the project.
The event was part of a wider effort to put Tokyo on the map as Asia’s next financial hotspot.
The purpose was to disseminate information directly to foreign institutions interested in coming to Japan and to give them the opportunity to ask questions directly.
We were invited to speak on the current state of the financial labor market in Japan.

 Our telework strategy vision has won the First TOKYO Telework Awards!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been promoting the “Telework Tokyo Rules” campaign in efforts to spread and establish telework.
Among the companies that were recognized by “Telework Tokyo Rules”, our telework strategy vision was selected for the “Initiator Award” (推進賞)
category at the TOKYO Telework Awards, which honors companies and organizations that are making advanced and model initiatives regarding telework.