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j Career 国際交流BBQパーティー 2016.09.25

今回は昨年に比べて人数が倍増し、満員御礼! 154名、18か国の方々が参加して下さいました。




International Exchange BBQ Party was successfully held on Sunday, September 25th.
This was the second BBQ Party hosted by j Career which drew large attendants of full capacity.
154 people, which doubled the number of attendants last year, from 18 different countries enjoyed food, beverage and conversation.
They also enjoyed the heat and sunshine after the unusually long wet weather we had in September.

The main purpose of this event was International Exchange.
Some made friends from other countries, others sought advice for their future career or exchanged contact information.
Various languages were heard all around the area and each person seemed to enjoy international communication in his own way.

We have uploaded a number of photos to facebook, which could be found under the following link:

We will host international events continuously. Hope to see you soon at one of our events!


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