Greeting from the President

Remembering our Gratitude

 This is the philosophy that all staff members at j Career embrace as well as the principle we live by. This company was founded on the gratefulness for foreigners who chose to come to Japan out of all countries and regions in the world in April 2014.

髙橋社長I like Japan (26 years old, American Female)
I want to become the bridge linking Japan and China (29 years old, Chinese Male)
I want to always live in Japan (32 years old, Italian Female)
This is what many people who visited our office said.

There are many who came to Japan to visit, to study abroad, and to work because of their aspiration for ‘Cool Japan’ which include things like traditional Japanese culture, advanced science, anime, games, and music, etc. However, over 70% of people who came to Japan, being unable to adapt to the unique custome of Japanese job hunting, returned to their home country discouragingly.

At j Career, we can understand and empathize with the feelings of foreigners. We provide counseling as well as other advisory services such as tips for job-hunting in Japan, essential Japanese in a company environment, Japanese business manner, resume writing coaching, and interview coaching, all tailored to each individual’s needs. On top of that, we provide the latest job hunting information and all these services are free of charge.

We look forward to working with the foreign job searching community in Japan (estimated to be around 140,000 people) graciously and gratefully, making our best effort to assist their job searching efforts in Japan.

Chisato Takahashi, President