At j Career we assist international students and foreigners working in Japan with their job hunting, introduce as well as dispatch foreign workers, provide translation and interpretation services, conduct opinion surveys with international students, and provide consulting services for businesses entering the Asian Pacific region.


Charged Employment Placement Services

東京大学There are about 130,000 international students in Japan, of which 90% are from the Asia Pacific region. According to the policy of current Japanese government, this number is expected to double by 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. There are many firms that are also in the business of introducing jobs to foreigners but we are the only one that specializes in introducing foreign human capital. In anticipation of the rising demand for foreign human capital in the coming years, we are determined to provide foreigners with dedicated services that takes their long-term career goals into consideration and to become the leading service provider in foreign human capital introduction.


General Worker Dispatching (Foreign Human Capital)

繧「繝ォ繝舌う繝医う繝。繝シ繧ク・亥・ウ諤In order to sustain studying and living in Japan, ther are bound to be some economic burdens. However, international students must have the proper visa status in order to work. At j Career, we provide trainings for Japanese language and business manners to help international students in finding part-time or dispatch work to earn a living while studying. and not worry about economic matters.


Operation of Job Searching Site

top_banner_center6j Career operates a job searching website targeting foreign job seekers called We have a large user base of about 130,000 registered members. This enables us to quickly find the ideal candidate for our corporate clients. Companies can also conduct searches within the database and directly message job applicants.


Conducting surverys with international students

Asian students in the discussionOur surveys give us a deeper understanding of what kind of applicants would best suit the needs of our corporate clients. Thus, we have an edge in introducing the best possible human resources regardless of nationality, age, gender and other attributes.



Interpretation & Translation Services


【Translation Services】j Career operates a cloud-based translation service called j-Career_Pro, which supports 38 languages with the help of 23,000 translators. It can cater to a wide variety of demands such as everyday emails, business articles, specialized and technical materials. We are able to quote you a price estimate immediately depending on volume, content, time it needs to be completed.

【Interpretation Services】 We provide translation services ranging from simple tasks such as tourist attendants, reception desks, and weddings, to more advanced tasks such as contractual agreements, business meetings, international conferences, and overseas site inspection. Traslation can be done in Japanese as well as other languages. We are able to take advantage of our overseas network and provide services outside Japan. We are can cater to your needs by dispatching interpreters who are familiar with Japanese business manners and customs to undertake different types of interpretation such as consecutive interpreting, simultanrous interpreting, and whispered interpreting.


Consulting Services for Companies Entering the Asia Pacific Region

The central business district in beijing,ChinaWe provide consultation for companies that wish to enter other parts of Asia by utilizing our network and know-how and assist them with local recruiting.